Drew McIntyre Comments On The First Time He Met Bobby Lashley After A WWE Tryout


During a recent appearance on the “Masked Man Show”, Drew McIntyre commented on the first time he met Bobby Lashley after a WWE tryout, their match at Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event, and more. He said,

“The first time we ever met, I had my first tryout with WWE when I was 20. John Laurinaitis wasn’t there. It was in Manchester and it was myself, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and a few guys. I was told personally, ‘You would have been signed today bu the guy who signs people is not here. Come back in six months.’ We go to the club after where Sheamus is a manager. He gets us in VIP, we’re up there and it’s a bunch of extras and a few Indie guys just partying it up. Eventually, I get a tap on my shoulder and hear ‘Hey superstars!’ I turn around and it’s freakin’ Lashley and Boogeyman. I’m 20 years old and they are gigantic and jacked. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to beat the hell out of me.’ Thankfully, they’re both great guys and took the time to laugh about the situation. We spent the night talking and having a few drinks. I remember them just (being) real big and sweaty, giving me advice. ‘I see you like a Randy Orton type,’ [said Lashley]. I remember how nice he was.”

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