Drew McIntyre Credits Triple H For Making His WWE Return Happen


While doing an interview with Inside The Ropes, Drew McIntyre gave credit to Triple H for his WWE return after being fired in his first stint with the company. 

McIntyre went to NXT before moving onto the main roster. 

“I wouldn’t be back in WWE if it wasn’t for Triple H, it’s as simple as that. William Regal put me on the phone with him, we talked for 40 minutes, within that conversation at the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was going to come back, I was honestly leaning more towards Japan and by the end of it, I was 100% coming back. The thing that meant the most to me was not just how far I’d come professionally but how far I’d come as a man and how proud he was of me, and that kind of meant a lot because I have so much respect for him and that’s grown into a friendship today, and he really is somebody who is not just a friend to a lot of people but a father figure to a lot of people, and again the news caught everybody off guard but he’s got a lot of positive energy coming his way right now and he’s going to be fine, which I’m very happy to hear.”

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