Drew McIntyre Talks Who He’d Pick To Start A Faction With


Drew McIntyre discussed who he’d pick for his WWE faction while doing an interview with Turnbuckle Talk

Here is what he had to say: 

“I’d be scared to pick a group because they’d all turn on me. Who seems like a lovely guy? Damian Priest and I have had a good back and forth the past few weeks and he’s thoroughly impressed me on RAW. Myself, Sheamus, and himself in a triple threat match, I wanted to see what he could do in the ring and he stepped the hell up to myself and Sheamus, who are two of the most physical wrestlers in the history of WWE. He caught the pin on me and I can’t remember the last time someone pinned me with their finish on RAW. I had to shake the man’s hand and let him know that it won’t happen again. He really impressed me. Riddle as well. He’s just so happy go lucky. If he was going to turn on you, he’d foreshadow it. He’s too nice…..I don’t trust Randy [Orton]. If you’re Riddle, everyone knows what’s going to happen. If Riddle turns on Randy, I will eat my hat. I don’t own a hat, I’ll buy one and eat it. Omos could easily be swayed. He’s a big angry man, but he’s got AJ [Styles] by his side. I feel like if I sat him down, had a little chat with him, and put him to the good side, it would be handy to have someone 7-foot-3. So we’ve got Omos, Riddle, and Priest as my gang.”

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