Drew McIntyre Wants Fans To Sing His ‘Broken Dreams’ Theme Like They Do ‘Judas’


During a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre commented on wanting fans to sing his old ‘Broken Dreams’ theme song like the AEW fans do for Chris Jericho’s ‘Judas’ entrance. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if he’ll get ‘Broken Dreams’ back: “Yeah – I say it all the time in every interview I get asked, which is almost every interview, eventually it’s going to happen. I imagine it’s going to be in a bigger event, it might be as part of a package – we did that in NXT, prior to my match with Bobby Roode when I won the NXT title, we used a part of it and people were absolutely buzzing.”

On how he might use it: “I see it more like as a combination like Edge did just at SummerSlam there, with the Brood into his new music. If we could use it in some capacity at the beginning, cutting into the war pipes, which is more suitable for who I am today.”

On fans singing it at live events: “The thing I always say is, everybody please learn the words because if I somehow convince management ‘we gotta use this, because the fans love it, they’re all waiting for it, they’ve been asking me for it for years, they know all the words’, and I walk out there and nobody knows the words and they don’t sing it like Jericho’s song, I’ll be devastated, and I’m going to have to go back with my tail between my legs going ‘I was wrong’.”

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