Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Teams With X-Box For New Energy Drink


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is teaming up with X-Box to create a new line of energy drinks called “ZOA” for the X-Box Series X line.

The Rock made the announcement through his Instagram account. He said,

“This ENERGY💥 gift is for all my gamers and creators!! 🤯🔥🎮

I helped thisisbillgates launch the original XBOX years ago and it’s a pleasure to partner with @xbox once again to create the MOST ELECTRIFYING and MOST FUN custom kit to power up your gaming skills you’ve ever seen!!!

Your own ZOA/XBox fridge that resembles the XBox console, your own custom ZOA/XBox controller, your own pair of electrifying glasses – the same ones that I wore on stage with Bill when we originally revealed XBox to the world 🌍, your own ZOA/XBox coasters and of course your #1 source of gaming energy – cans of @ZoaEnergy!!!

This was so much fun to create with XBox and can’t wait for you to enjoy it as well!

Sip your ZO…now let’s GO!!”


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