Early Details On Ticket Presales Revealed


Speaking today on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has revealed some of the early details regarding how successful the pre-sale for tickets to SummerSlam was, and gave a rough estimate on how many tickets will be available when they go on sale to the general public this Friday.

With regards to the amount of pre-sale tickets sold, Meltzer said it was “a lot”, but did not give an exact number on how many tickets for SummerSlam were purchased in the pre-sale.

However, AEW Ticket Information on Twitter, a group that track ticket sales for WWE and AEW events did manage to offer some clarity on the number sold. They revealed that of the total tickets available as of 14:26 PM EST, just 946 tickets were still available.

However, the group did also show that an additional set of tickets were added to the SummerSlam pre-sale shortly thereafter.

The actual amount of tickets available is unclear, as it is believed that the WWE will only fill the Allegiant Stadium to around half capacity. This was something Meltzer would also comment on suggesting the Allegiant Stadium can hold in the region of 41,000 attendees in its current setup.

With regards to the number of tickets available for the full sale on Friday, Meltzer noted that it will be in the region of 5,000 tickets.

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