Eddie Kingston Reacts To Loss To Miro At All Out, Corey Graves Note, Woods


You can check out this week’s “After the Bell with Corey Graves” podcast below. This episode features Graves answering questions from Vic Joseph.

“The roles are reversed this week as Corey is in the hot seat to answer burning questions from his co-host, Vic. Who is the best WWE Superstar to never win the WWE Championship, what if John Cena didn’t reinvent himself, what is the best flavor of beef jerky and more!”

Xavier Woods will be appearing on Chris Denker’s new “Into The Danger Zone” podcast on Monday:

Eddie Kingston took to Twitter today, reacting to his loss to Miro at AEW All Out. He said,

“Ugh to be honest it wasn’t @dabryceisright fault I lost at the PPV. I should of ended it sooner or right after. Instead of going for the piledriver( which I have only done once in my career. ) Should of done another DDT or Backfist or the Half Nelson Suplex. Bryce did his job.”

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