Edge Reveals The Inspiration For His Latest T-Shirt Design, Top 10 NXT Moments, More


At the closing bell on Thursday, WWE’s stock was at $55.96. That is down $0.61 (1.08%) from Wednesday’s close.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge took to Instagram today, revealing where his latest t-shirt design comes from. He said,

“This was a t shirt idea that had germinated in my head while I was out after surgery. About earning your scars and the personal journey they tell. We all have em. Those scars can be physical, they can be emotional. Since it was released I’ve been humbled and floored by the reaction from folks. From a woman who wore this for her double mastectomy. A little 6 yr old girl getting heart surgery to fix the fact that her heart was on the right side of her body and backward(hypoplastic left heart syndrome). A young man who turned 12 yesterday and has had 25 surgeries in that time. People wearing it to their chemo treatments and so many more amazing and inspiring stories. And now this from @oneleggedcyborg His new socket design for his prosthetic. Keep movin. Keep inspiring. And thank you for sharing. All of you.”

You can check out the “Top 10 Moments” from last night’s WWE NXT broadcast below:

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