Ex-WWE Superstar Vanessa Borne Channels Legally Blonde, 2 NXT UK Matches


Former WWE Superstar Danielle “Vanessa Borne” Kamela posted a new video to Twitter today where she channels Reese Witherspoon’s lead character in the “Legally Blonde” film.

You can check out Kamela’s tweet and the original video from the film below:

WWE has announced two matches for next week’s episode of NXT UK. As previously reported, we’ll see a rematch of the WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov bout from NXT TakeOver 36.

You can check out the updated card below:

* NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Opening Round: Wolfgang vs. Sam Gradwell
* SYMBIOSIS vs. Saxon Huxley, Oliver Carter, and Ashton Smith

You can check out this week’s episode of “Before The Impact” below:

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