Former ‘The Bump’ Co-Host Evan T. Mack Talks Leaving WWE


Former ‘The Bump’ co-host Evan T. Mack talked about leaving the company, which was reported several weeks ago by 

Mack had been a part of The Bump dating back to its inception. He spoke on his podcast titled ‘MackMania’ about it. 

“I’m going through a professional transition. That’s how I put it and I just wanted to take this moment to reflect on certain situations that happen in life, you know what I’m saying? And the situation that was out of my control and no I’m not jaded and no I’m not bitter, those moments have passed. I’m blessed, I’m fortunate, I have my health, I’m grateful to the man above without getting too philosophical, without getting too religious. That’s where I’m at right now but I just wanted to talk to y’all for a second and the wrestling community often gets a bad rap for being too overly critical or too rude or obnoxious or out of line or inappropriate or invasive and sometimes the wrestling community can be all those things and all of the above if not even more. But it’s one thing that I notice about the wrestling community that doesn’t get talked about enough and it’s how they rally around people who are going through a difficult time. That to me is the best thing about any wrestling community. They rally behind the people that they are behind and I’ve been getting like an outpouring of support and well wishes and a lot of sweet, sweet, sweet sentiments coming through social media and online and people are finding a way to get a hold of me to just pat me on the back and tell me things are going to be alright and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who took time to do that because it means more to me than you’ll ever know. So yeah, shout out to the wrestling community man. Let’s give them their bouquet.”

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