Former WWE Star Talks Why Vince McMahon Shortens So Many Wrestlers’ Names


Former WWE star Tucker has explained why Vince McMahon shortened his and Otis’ name once they were called up from NXT to the main roster during an appearance on the What Do You Call It? podcast.

“We weren’t consulted about it or anything. We heard about it on the internet or something, always, which is par for the course. It shouldn’t be, but it is. The reason I was given, which makes sense but it doesn’t make sense.

“Basically, the reason that I understand is that – and this happens more often than not – seconds on television. Vince didn’t like how long it took for the announcer to say ‘Tucker Knight, Otis Dozovic, Heavy Machinery’ coming to the ring. That’s the reason.”

Quote via Ringside News

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