Gail Kim Talks Dream Ironwoman Match Opponents


Today, Impact Wrestling hosted a media press conference to hype up the upcoming X-Division title match between Josh Alexander (c.) and TJP. Hosted by Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer, Gail Kim, this press conference would build the friendly rivalry between the champion and his contender. While has learned of TJP and Josh Alexander’s training strategies, mindsets, and more – we also learned the thoughts of the event’s host.

After discussing the difficulties that come with a 60-Minute Ironman match, Gail Kim would discuss the fact that, throughout her entire career, she has never wrestled in an Ironwoman match. She would later go on to talk about who she would like to face off against in a proposed Ironwoman competition, saying:

“That’s a tough question. It’s hard for me because I’ve had many great opponents! I’d say Taryn [Terrell] if we were to go for the ‘balls-to-the-walls’ opponent. If I was going to go athletically, I’d have to say Tessa Blanchard.”

She would later go on to discuss the necessity for physical prowess in a match the length of an Ironwoman match. She would continue on to say:

“Not that I don’t have the confidence in Taryn at all, I think we would just do some crazy stuff and, you know, we probably wouldn’t be able to walk the next day or the next week. So, I’ll go with the safer option with ‘The Athlete’ Tessa Blanchard. 

Stay tuned to for more professional wrestling news, rumors, results, and realities. Check out the Impact Wrestling Facebook page to watch the media scrum for yourself. Impact Wrestling will be live, Thursday on Twitch.



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