GCW Is Coming To New York City – Details Inside


GCW sent out the following press release on Tuesday night, announcing that they will be holding their “Emo Fight” event on September 23rd from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City. The event will stream live on FITE.tv.

You can check out the official announcement for the show below:

GCW brings “Emo Night” to Pro Wrestling!
Game Changer Wrestling has repeatedly brought new and fresh concepts to the world of professional wrestling. On Thursday, September 23rd, GCW again changes the game as they present “EMO FIGHT” from The Melrose Ballroom in New York City.

“EMO FIGHT” combines the best elements of “Emo Night”, a popular celebration of emo, pop punk and your favorite music from the days of Myspace with the world of Game Changer Wrestling.
Featuring LIVE pro wrestling matches, along with musical performances, live DJ’s, a heavy does of nostalgia and a unique presentation, EMO FIGHT will give fans of both EMO and WRESTLING a night to remember.

“These are my teenage years coming to life all over again”, said GCW Performer Allie Katch. “GCW has given us so many opportunities to show different sides of our personalities, and I can’t wait to show a new side at Emo Fight!”.

“Before I got involved with wrestling, I grew up in the VFW Halls of New Jersey, watching bands perform every weekend and immersed myself in a culture that shaped me creatively for the rest of my life”, said acclaimed producer Giancarlo Dittamo, who recently returned to GCW after a 3 year stint with WWE. “I can’t wait to help bring this concept to life. These two worlds seem far apart, but in reality they are very much the same.”

“I take pride in knowing that GCW is willing to go places, do things, and push the envelope creatively in ways that others would never imagine,” said Brett Lauderdale, Owner of GCW. “EMO FIGHT is a concept that has never been done in our world, and I’m excited to work with so many talented people to make this a reality. I can’t wait!”.

The event will stream LIVE on FiteTV and tickets will go on sale soon.

Orange Crush presents GCW “Emo Fight” Thursday, September 23rd – 8PM Melrose Ballroom – Queens, NYC

Emo Fight is Part 1 of a 2 Night return to New York City for GCW. Details on their September 24th event will be released soon.

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