GCW Sets Longest Match Record In US History, Streaming Issues & More


During GCW’s Fight Forever 24-hour live stream, the match between Tony Deppen and Jordan Oliver set the record for the longest match in United States history, clocking in at 120 minutes according to PWInsider. The event did have some streaming issues caused by a power outage, knocking out the live stream for around 40 minutes. The building was very cold and was at around 30 degrees for the entire stream. You can imagine this was brutal conditions to work under for the talent involved.

Also, a match that took place ran about 30 minutes short. Due to this occurring, a match between Eli Knight, Chris Blades, Midas Kreed, Riley Rhodes and Robert Martyr took place within’ 5 minutes notice, resulting in the entire contest being called on the fly by the competitors involved. Eli Knight would go on to win the match.

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