Greg Hamilton Issues Statement On His Negative Reaction To Lio Rush’s Retirement


Lio Rush announced his retirement from pro wrestling on Tuesday night. 

He noted he suffered a shoulder injury during his AEW debut at the Double Or Nothing PPV event. He will finish up his NJPW commitments before walking away from wrestling. 

WWE ring announcer Greg Hamilton tweeted out a negative reaction to the news before deleting it. 

He wrote: “Wow…..unreal…..if we all didn’t have our own lives and families to take care of I just might pretend I give a. (On behalf of the wrestling family and community who work for a living) On to the gym.

Hamilton has since taken to Twitter and Instagram to comment on his initial tweet. 

On Twitter, he wrote, “I can admit when I’m wrong….and I was wrong. We don’t have to see eye to eye backstage; but Lionel Green (Lio Rush) is an incredible father as well as a talent. I have all the respect in the world for that. No one made me type this. Just owning my mistakes. He’ll be missed.”

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