Hornswoggle Says Fit Finlay Kept Him From Getting Pranked In WWE


Hornswoggle didn’t end up on the receiving end of many pranks in WWE, and he explains why in this interview. Swoggle spoke with Inside the Ropes about Fit Finlay, the pandemic, and other subjects. You can check out some highlights below:

On how he’s doing amid the pandemic:

“A funny thing is it’s like Curt Hawkins, I call him Hawkins, Brian Myers, whatever people want to call him, the stripper for one episode of Smackdown, whatever. He made a good point. Like in Wisconsin, the pandemic and COVID never really like was real, so to speak, because we shut down for like a month and a half, two months and it sucked, but I’ve been spending more time with my son. My son was doing full home school at the end of last year and then 50 50 this year and then finally the second semester till tomorrow is his last day has been fully back in school, which is like they needed that.

The kids needed that. But I loved it, like being able to have virtual school, my son, and be around him. It’s stressful, but I mean, I love it. There’s another thing to put on a belt. I just love being a dad. Like, it’s just it’s my favorite part of life. It really is. He’s such a good kid. And he’s fun and he’s funny. He woke me up at 6:30 this morning. He woke me up this morning blasting, pardon my French, fucking ACDC. I was so angry at him, I’ve never I like I said, Landon, it’s 6:30. We don’t need to hear Hell’s Bells and TNT and this, that and the other thing on repeat at six-thirty a.m. I don’t care that you’re happy that the school year is over.

“Just put on something smooth, put on some Anthem Lights or like something nice. You don’t need to be blasting ACDC, He goes “Dad start of the day, let’s go”. But it’s just he is just the best. I have so much fun with him as you can see how my social media, I have so much fun with him, whether it’s just pranking the hell out of him every day I try to get him every day with one thing or another. I try to get him. And it’s just fun. I love being a dad, so in a roundabout back to your question, the pandemic is all actually been not awful. My company, AEW Wisconsin, has actually been running since last August. Like we took two months off, but then we’ve been running friendly, COVID friendly shows and social distancing and it’s been awesome. It’s really been, pandemic as much as it’s sucked. It’s also like I’ve tried to find the positives in it.”

On not getting pranked much in WWE:

“I think people at times were afraid to pick on me because of my relationship with Fit, like he is and will always be my dad, my wrestling dad. I have three dads, I have my real dad, I have Fit and I have Tommy Dreamer and I have three of the most opposite of each other dads ever. But I love it that way. So I wasn’t I wasn’t the target a lot, and if I was, it was usually by Fit, but I was always the one, like coercing others to pull them on each other. I had influence. I was 100% the s**t-stirrer of the locker room, 100%. I’m OK with that. Again, I’m putting smiles on faces, whether it’s someone at someone else’s expense. I’m putting smiles on faces. I’m making everyone’s day better.

“The thing is, we’re on these especially these overseas tours where we’re gone about 17, 20 days. You need something about seven, eight days in when we just film TV overseas and we still have a second half of the tour. It’s one of those things and we need to we need that reset button something to motivate us, all right. Hey, we would we had these we played cards a lot, Gin [Rummy]. We had Gin tournaments. Tony Chimel, the famous ring announcer, backstage hand, producer, everything, He would put together Gin tournaments and we had like 16 players. It was a big thing to win these tournaments, a big deal because there was like everyone from ring crew guys and referees to John Cena would play in these things.

And obviously the higher caliber player you knocked out, the more glory. There was a good amount of times where Big Show was known to throw a deck of cards out of anger or he was known to rip one card so that deck was ruined. Big Show wasn’t a good loser at cards, but we loved playing with them just to get them wound up. I would rather someone be a horrible loser because if someone is a horrible winner. Now you feel double awful about yourself. At least if I beat the person and they’re they’re a horrible loser. I still feel good about myself.”

On his friendship with Ethan Page:

“He wrestled Sting on pay per view. It. I mean, come on, it’s on pay per view, he wrestled Sting! In like the biggest crowd, like, you know what I mean? Yeah, it’s crazy, I, Ethan, Julian, he has turned legitimately into one of my best friends. He has gone through a lot of things that he’s come to me about and vice versa. It’s usually a twice a week we face time. I’m not a caller. I’m a FaceTimer.

During a pandemic, I miss people. I don’t get to see a lot of my friends. I want to see them. Everyone yells at me because I’m a FaceTimer. I don’t care. I don’t care. It’s personal. I can now see, hey, are you just putting me on speaker and like, doing things around the House? No, I want you sitting down next to me having a chat. I’m a FaceTimer, so about twice a week I call my friend Julian, hey, time for weekly therapy and I just vent and dad stuff, wrestling stuff, life, stuff, everything.

“But he has become one of my closest friends. My son loves him and my son’s never met him ever, but he knows that I love them and so he’s like a huge fan of his in life and in wrestling. I am so happy, like, truly, truly, truly happy for him. The world gets to see how good he is in the ring, how fun he is on the mic, his vlogs, even though I hate them so much because I just hate some of the I hate the body guy stuff. It just drives me nuts. But now the world is seeing more of him and that makes me happy.

I like when my friends do. Well, it’s not a good thing when you can’t be happy for others. So I always try to be happy for my friends and when my friends do good things and are having fun, it makes me happy he got to wrestle Sting. And like Darby is my son’s favorite, like number one favorite guy for Landon is Darby Allin right now. So to have Sting, who my son loves, Darby and Julian in the same match, he was just going bonkers.”

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