Hulk Hogan Admits He Couldn’t Tell Brie & Nikki Bella Apart At WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony


Hulk Hogan was recently interviewed by E! News and during it, he noted that he couldn’t tell them apart while attending the recent WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. 

It should be noted that he claims to be a big Total Bellas fan. 

“I also have been able to tell Brie and Nikki apart. It’s really easy,” Hogan said. “I’m sitting there talking to Brie asking about, you know, being a first-time mom with her son and she stopped me, and she goes, ‘Terry, you’re talking to Brie. I’m not Nikki.’”

“We were talking, and I said, ‘Man, it’s really cool to see you guys move on from the wrestling business but, don’t drop the ball,’” Hogan said. “‘You’ve been planning on how to generate revenue, you’ve been planning on how to be entrepreneurs, you’ve been planning on how to guide your life and take care of your families and it’s really cool to see the women of the WWE doing this.’”

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