Hulk Hogan Remembers Match With Andre The Giant On “The Main Event”, ROH TV, More


WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan took to Twitter today, celebrating the 33rd anniversary of his match with with Andre the Giant on “The Main Event” in 1988. The show took place at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis and drew 33 million viewers on NBC.

Hogan said,

“33yrs ago tonight, 33million people tuned into Saturday Night’s Main Event to see me take on Andre on NBC, that’s what you call drawing a house BROTHER!!!! HH”

You can check out this week’s episode of “UpUpDownDown” below:

Ring of Honor posted the following today, hyping the matches for this week’s episode of “ROH TV”:

ROH TV PREVIEW: RUSH, DRAGON LEE, BESTIA AND FLIP GORDON COLLIDE WITH BRODY KING, PCO AND BRISCOES La Facción Ingobernable (RUSH, Dragon Lee, La Bestia del Ring) and Flip Gordon vs. Brody King, PCO and the Briscoes King has been chomping at the bit to get his hands on RUSH, Lee and Bestia ever since Final Battle in December, when interference from Lee and Bestia helped RUSH defeat King to retain his ROH World Championship.

Just when it appeared King was on the verge of winning the match, Lee came down to ringside to distract the referee, and Bestia entered the ring and nailed King with a chair to the head. RUSH probably could’ve pinned King at that point, but he decided to add insult to injury by hitting his Bull’s Horns finisher first.

After the match, King said he realizes there’s strength in numbers and vowed that his issue with RUSH, Lee and their father Bestia was far from over. He recruited three of the roughest, toughest men in professional wrestling to be his partners for this eight-man tag match.

“The ungovernables want to get violent? I know a few violent men, too,” King said.

Jay Briscoe, as usual, didn’t mince words: “Y’all think you’re ungovernable? What y’all think we is? Do we look governable to y’all? Hell, we will whip your asses all the way back to Mexico.”

Since LFI member Kenny King is unable to appear, for the match the ROH Board of Directors named Gordon to be his replacement. Being forced to team with “The Mercenary” didn’t set well with RUSH, Lee and Bestia, but they said nothing will prevent them from winning the match.

“La Facción Ingobernable is the past, the present and the future, and I will make Ring of Honor my empire” RUSH said.

Expect this match to be an all-out war.

Pure Rules Match: Tracy Williams vs. The World Famous CB

Cult favorite Cheeseburger has wrestled his last match in ROH. Taking his place on the roster is The World Famous CB.

Yes, they’re the same person outside the ring, but inside it, The World Famous CB is a different animal. He has a new look and a new outlook.

Cheeseburger was a novelty act. The World Famous CB means business.

“I’m not a novelty act. I’m a 10-year veteran,” said TWFCB, who stressed that he appreciates how the fans have supported Cheeseburger. “I’m a trainer to the future generations. There were people in the Pure Title Tournament that I helped train. I taught them holds. I am going to break through that ceiling that the name Cheeseburger placed on me.”

TWFCB faces a tough first test in The Foundation’s Williams, one of the best technical wrestlers in the sport.

“There’s a level that you only get to when you survive a certain kind of fight, when you get in the ring and you survive hell,” Williams said. “Cheeseburger, I’ve been there, and I haven’t seen you do it — yet. Now’s your chance to prove that you are a fighter, that you are more than a novelty. I’m happy to give you that shot, but what I’m not going to do is take it easy on you. Not for a second.”

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