Ilja Dragunov On His Last Match With WALTER WWE In Russia, More…


Speaking on the WrestleSlam Podcast on the SportsMatters YouTube channel, WWE NXT Superstar Ilja Dragunov discussed a variety of things, including his history with WALTER, a possible WWE pay-per-view in Russia, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the return of fans ahead of his bout against WALTER:

“It means the world. If you think about this, and all the time I’ve already spent in this job and the years I’ve been doing this,  it was connected to a lot of discipline you had to bring. It was connected to a lot of adaptability, to a lot of patience. Especially patience, waiting and waiting, and then using the chances that you get along the road.This is a moment where I fully believe that I’m able to do anything I want.”

On a possible WWE pay-per-view in Russia:

“Nothing is impossible. And I think especially as I’m also representing my culture, which I love and I also stand for. Nothing is impossible and I do, I do my best to represent everything I am in the best way possible, so you never know.”

On his previous match against WALTER in WWE: 

I mean like, what should I say about my feeling? Like the beautiful thing about this, about the first match is that nothing is forced and nothing is like created on purpose, everything that comes along with it was natural. It’s just natural fitting. We both inside a ring that works, that works! That that is always special, every single time. And, I mean like I have quite some history already with him. I know him for, for a very long while, and this will be no exception. This will be special, people will remember it, and I have no worries about it.”

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You can watch Ilja Dragunov’s full interview below:

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