Ilja Dragunov Says His Main Priority Right Now Is To Carry The NXT UK Brand


During a recent media call, WWE NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov commented on possibly going to RAW or SmackDown, what he brings to NXT UK, and more. You can check out some highlights from the call below:

On if he has plans to go to RAW or SmackDown: “I don’t think about it because I have the responsibility to carry NXT UK as a brand, which I think is a standout brand. This is my main priority now. I have big footsteps to step into and I will do it in the future. It is important to carry this brand on my shoulders and I will carry it with pride. I would love to carry this brand on my shoulders because I’m proud of this brand and proud of the hard-working people there. Just when I step into the locker room, I see the people, day by day getting better. The work mentality inspires me and makes me proud to be the champion of this brand and represent. I see so much talent on this brand that people will pay attention to as soon as they get a chance. One chance can change the world. I’m sure the people who sleep on NXT UK will not sleep on NXT UK in the future because the talent is rising.”

On what he beings to NXT UK: “I have something to offer that no one else has. I’m a unique personality and I bring something unique into any matchup I go into. After his dominant reign, I will create a legacy for myself and I will create something that people will remember because they will remember any performance.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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