Jey Uso Reveals What His Next Goal For Roman Reigns Is, More


As seen during last night’s edition of WWE SmackDown, Jey Uso won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Following the show, he was interviewed by and said the following,

“Your boy just went out there and won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. That means my name is going to be on there for years to come. Scratch all them names off, uce. It’s going to be Uso after Uso after Uso. It might be my little kids, it might be my damn cousins, uce, but we deep in the game. 40 years ain’t nothing. We about to do another 100. You feel me? On Sunday, I got a new goal. Roman Reigns will retain, uce. The Head of the Table, the Tribal Chief of the whole WWE Universe. Tune in on Peacock because they about to get this work, ye? I’m about to go celebrate with some peanut butter sandwiches. Wanna go? Let’s go.”

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