Jim Ross Talks Why Vince McMahon Was Originally Uninterested In Randy Orton


On the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross noted that WWE was not interested in Randy Orton at first. 

The reason for that was due to Vince McMahon not liking how Randy Orton got out of the Marines. 

“Every recruiting story is different,” Ross mentioned. “I had a hard sell to get Randy Orton hired because of his negative exit from the Marines, and Vince, being a strong patriot, didn’t like how that worked out with Randy in the military. I said, ‘Didn’t you get a second chance, [Vince]? Well, what’s the difference with this kid? He’s third generation. If he hits, look what we have. If he doesn’t hit, I can get rid of him in 90 days notice. What do we have to lose?’”

“He’s going to end his career as one of the greatest talents. Hall of Famer, no doubt, but also going to be regarded by his peers as one of the greatest in-ring workers. It worked out well.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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