John Cena Says He’d Like Eminem To Write A Verse For His Theme Song


During a recent interview with Esquire, John Cena commented on a recent viral video where YouTuber J-JOE posted a video of rapper Eminem remixing his theme song and whether he’d want it to be done for real in the future. Cena said,

“I would simply have him write a verse because he’s one of the most gifted, prolific poets I’ve ever had the chance to listen to. And I think if you gave him this music rather than rehashing something he made for a specific beat, I would like to think he would completely put me to shame by giving it his own Eminem touch.

So Em, if you’re down to write some bars, borrow the track. It is a catchy tune. [Hums tune] I don’t know, think about it. Mull it over, get back to me. Or don’t get back to me, whatever.”

You can check out a video of the fan remix below:

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