John Cena Says Vince McMahon Doesn’t Let Him Do Whatever He Wants In WWE


For years, there’s been the belief that John Cena can do whatever he wants in WWE thanks to Vince McMahon. 

However, during an interview with Chris Hardwick’s ID10T podcast (via Fightful), Cena debunked the idea.

“I heard it so much in WWE, ‘Well, Vince lets him do whatever he wants. That’s why he can consistently perform at a level that is acceptable and entertaining to the audience. He gets to do whatever he wants.’ Nope. I ask, I execute, I invest, and I’m meticulous with the detail, I’m consistent night in and night out, trustworthy, giving of self. The perception everyone else has is, ‘He has a better situation.’ I’m not taking away from anyone’s struggle and I have learned to appreciate everyone’s struggle and everyone has a different struggle. I can understand where those feelings come from. You can have those feelings when you’re done analyzing yourself and saying, ‘Am I at max capacity? If I really want to wear those shoes and put on those jorts, am I at max capacity or did I party too much or did I want to see my family?’”

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