Johnny Gargano Says People Saying WWE NXT Is A Developmental Brand Are Wrong


During a recent appearance on the “Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker” podcast, Johnny Gargano commented on WWE NXT being referred to as a developmental brand, and more. He said,

“I have been saying for years that NXT is a viable third brand for the WWE, and I very much so mean that,” asserted Gargano. “You got RAW, you got SmackDown, you got NXT. And anyone who says NXT is developmental, anyone who says NXT is less-than, you are wrong. You are wrong. Watch our show on Tuesday night and look at the talent we have in the locker room. I will put our talent up against anyone. I think our locker room is loaded up and ready to rock n’ roll. And when you watch a TakeOver, especially a TakeOver with a live crowd, those TakeOver’s with live crowds and that atmosphere, nothing can touch them, it is so amazing. It is something I am really proud to be a part of.”

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