Jon Moxley Says He Begged Tony Khan To Bring AEW To Cincinnati, More


During a recent interview with, AEW Superstar Jon Moxley commented on returning to his hometown for AEW Dynamite tonight, pleading with Tony Khan to run an event in Cincinnati, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Cincinnati as a wrestling market: “Cincinnati has been an underserved market traditionally. Especially being from here, we don’t get the big pay-per-views or the big marquee matches and I think that’s a mistake because this is a big sports city and it’s a big wrestling town with a rich wrestling history and we’ve got a lot of wrestling fans. You could really make this a marquee stop on the wrestling loop along with places like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Cincinnati can be right there with those.”

On telling AEW they need to go to the city: “I bugged the s–t out of them. I text them all the time. I was doing it before the pandemic about a year ago. I was telling them, ‘We’ve got to go to Cincinnati. I’m telling you we’d do so good there.’ I was up their a– for months.”

On wrestling in front of his hometown fans: “It gives you kind of an extra boost. It’s like Superman flying close to the sun; you kind of get reenergized a bit. At least I do when I get back to Cincinnati, as soon as I pull in and get WEBN on the radio and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah. I’m home. This is where I started this whole journey out.’”

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