Josh Alexander Comments On His Upcoming 60 Minute Iron Man Match (Video)


Impact Wrestling tweeted out the following video today, showing X-Division Champion Josh Alexander commenting on his Iron Man match against TJP on this week’s episode of Before The Impact. He said,

“If you were to tell 99 percent of this locker room they would be going into a 60-minute Iron Man Match, the most grueling, physically and mentally, match you could be book in on a week’s notice, they’d freak out. I didn’t freak out. The second I was told I was booked in this match, I smiled because this is what I prepare for every single day. I don’t worry about money, about fame, I don’t worry about my future. I’m stupid! I get these looks! I’m an outcast for this reason because I know the future is not promised to anybody. All I can control is the present, and the present is whoever is standing across from me when that bell rings! So next week, I am booked in the most grueling match our business has ever known: a 60-minute Iron Man Match against TJP. TJP, I respect you as a professional. I respect you as a wrestler. I couldn’t say enough good things about you. You are one of the best opponents I have ever been in the ring with, but this match is one I’ve been preparing for my entire career, my entire 16-year career. And you are stuck in that ring with me for 60 minutes, you are stuck in that ring with me for 60 long minutes, TJP. No matter how much respect I have for you, I’m sorry it has to be you.”

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