JTG Wants To See Shane McMahon Take Over WWE


Former WWE star JTG said while speaking on the Wrassingh Show that he believes Shane McMahon should be the one to take over WWE from his father Vince McMahon.

“I hope (WWE won’t be sold). I hope the rumors are not true. I’d like to see the WWE stay in the McMahon family! Yeah, if it was up to me, if it was just my personal opinion… I would love to have Shane McMahon in charge. When I was there, Shane, his energy and what he brought to the table – I think he’ll do WWE (justice). He’ll keep the legacy alive!

“I would just like to see the legacy continue on. You know, it was from Vince McMahon Sr to Vince McMahon, and I think that Shane solo would do great. Because when you have Stephanie and Triple H, those are two minds. You’ve got two cooks in the kitchen, right? I think, Shane… I think if he was just the captain. I think he would do a great job as the the new chairman of the WWE.”

Quote via Wrestling Inc

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