Keith Lee Explains Why He Was Off WWE TV For Several Months Earlier This Year


After being off WWE TV since February, Keith Lee made his return on the post-Money in the Bank edition of Raw to lose to Karrion Kross last month. 

Lee posted a video on Thursday that explained his absence from WWE television. He was originally pulled from TV for approximately three weeks in January because he got COVID-19. Mia Yim got COVID-19 because she was taken care of him. 

He came back for a match on February 8th against Matt Riddle then he got a call saying something was ‘off’ with his bloodwork. This discovered that he had inflammation in the heart or lungs, which was scary for him. He couldn’t train at all. 

“There was a fear that doing more than that, there was a chance that I could just up and pass away. So, for three or four months, this was the case and I had several MRIs on my heart—by the way, I don’t fit in those machines, it was terrible, my shoulders struggled with that—but we did what we had to do with that. So, this became a fight against death, so to speak, and it took up until the company sent me to Pittsburgh to get looked at and it was to the point where I was about to have to undergo genetic testing, all sorts of things, because it was thought that there’s the potential that I could have a heart disease of sorts. 

His health got better and ultimately got cleared then took some time to prepare for his return. 

“At the end of the day, I don’t really know what’s next. The idea for me is, I fought the battle that mattered the most and I’m healthy, and at the end of the day, that’s all I can really ask for. It’s all my family can ask for, and now, we fight to make the most of what we can do in this industry and we just move forward. Isn’t that what I always say? Forward march, the grind continues, it’s forever. We fought death, I don’t mind fighting anybody else. We move forward and I guess we continue to show exactly what it means to be Limitless.”

H/T to WrestleZone

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