Keith Lee Posts A Cryptic Message Regarding His WWE Status


As many of you know by now, Keith Lee has been kept off WWE television as of late and the reasons for his absence are currently unknown.

We reported back in May that Lee wasn’t factored into WWE’s creative plans, but it’s not a case similar to what happened with former WWE Superstars Andrade or Aleister Black where he was simply not used.

The rumor backstage in WWE was that he’d been sidelined for health reasons in February, and WWE has not cleared him for a return. Lee reportedly underwent some testing following being sidelined, and WWE sources have indicated that he was actively trying to get cleared.

Fast forward to Friday and Lee posted a cryptic tweet, saying,

I wanted to do something educational, but also inspiring to tell you guys about everything since late January. Seems that is off the table for now.

So….with that, I will find another way to tell guys about everything. It might simply a video of me chatting with you. We’ll see.

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