Kevin Matthews Set To Get BioXCellerator Stem Cell Therapy


Former Impact Wrestling Superstar and WrestlePro promoter Kevin Matthews took to Facebook over the weekend to reveal that he’ll be receiving some BioXCellerator Stem Cell Therapy in Colombia. In the past, Brian Cage and Rey Mysterio have had this same procedure. Matthews said,

BioXcellerator (the facility that will be administering my stem cells in my knees & shoulders) has been mentioned multiple times on Joe Rogans podcast and is the premier place all of the athletes are going to and seeing unimaginable results.

DDP, Kevin Nash, Rey Jr, Edge, Bobby Lashley, Frankie Edgar, Matt Hughes, Cyborg, TJ Dillashaw, Henry Cejudo, Brian Cage, John Morrison, Santino, Frank Mir, Kurt Angle, Gilbert Melendez, RVD, Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell, Chael Sonnen, Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman and MANY MANY other Fighters, Wrestlers, NBA, MLB, NFL and other athletes are all success stories from BioX.

Doctors here in the States told me I need a knee replacement that’s it’s too damaged. Doctors there disagreed and believe they can help (as do I). Both knees are bone on bone and arthritic with my left knee (5 surgeries) being far FAR worse. I found out earlier this year with my MRIs I have no labrum in my left shoulder and half in my right. I will be getting stem cells on both of those as well. Plus whatever else they find throughout all the testing that will be done. Everything will be documented by both myself and BioX.

I have to be there for 5 days and get put through the most futuristic stem cell technology going today. If you followed DDP last week on any of his social media that’s where he was over at BioXcellerator.

Will find out the exact dates in the next day or two but it will be mid July. KM 2.0 coming soon!

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