Kevin Owens WWE Contract Reportedly Up “Sooner Than Later”


According to a new report from Fightful, Kevin Owens current contract with the WWE is set to expire earlier than expected. Despite Owens commenting in a 2018 interview with TVA Sports that his new deal would run until 2023, that is now no longer the case.

According to a WWE official that has spoken with Fightful, the company restructured several contracts ahead of the pandemic. One of these deals that underwent such a restructuring was that of Kevin Owens. Now instead of his deal expiring in 2023 as it was originally set, it will instead expire a year earlier in January of 2022.

Though WWE has faced several contract issues for top stars of late that came as a surprise to the company including Pete Dunne and Adam Cole this was reportedly not the case with Owens. Instead, officials within the company are believed to be well aware of his contract expiry date.

Kevin Owens first joined WWE in 2014. During his time with the company so far he has won seven championships – including being a one-time Universal Champion.

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