Kurt Angle Talks Whether He Thinks WWE Countered CM Punk’s AEW Debut With Brock Lesnar


Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that some people in FOX weren’t thrilled with WWE not making an offer to CM Punk that would see him make a return and not go to AEW. 

FOX was said to be “very upset” that a big offer was not made to keep him. The feeling within WWE was that they needed to get Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch back right away.

Kurt Angle recently appeared on Wrestling Inc Daily, where he gave his thoughts on the situation. 

“Anytime you bring in Brock Lesnar, it’s a huge deal. So, yes, it definitely took away some of the buzz that was created when CM Punk and possibly Daniel Bryan joined AEW. But those two are big names, too. I think WWE did enough damage control by bringing Lesnar in, that I don’t think it (Punk joining AEW) will affect them much. But, they did lose Bryan and Punk, who I’m guessing was never going back to WWE, so that didn’t really matter.”

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