La Facción Ingobernable “Suspended” By Ring Of Honor


Ring of Honor sent out the following today, announcing that La Facción Ingobernable has been “suspended” for several “lawless actions” the stable has committed on ROH TV as of late. Of course, this is all a storyline angle that will play out in the coming weeks.

In the official announcement, which you can see below, it was revealed that the group is suspended through the entire month of May:

The members of La Facción Ingobernable pride themselves on being ungovernable, but now they’ve learned that their actions do indeed have consequences.

LFI (ROH World Champion RUSH, Dragon Lee, Kenny King and Bestia del Ring) have been suspended without pay for the entire month of May by the ROH Board of Directors for an accumulation of lawless actions.

According to a person with direct knowledge of the situation, the board felt it had to take this measure because repeated fines did not deter LFI’s behavior, which included a heinous attack on former member, Amy Rose, at the 19th Anniversary show in March, and continuous disregard for the rules — including the use of weapons — in their matches.

The tipping point was LFI’s six-man tag match against Violence Unlimited two weeks ago. The bout degenerated into a chaotic brawl which resulted in the destruction of property and injuries to bystanders.

RUSH will address the suspension on “ROH Week By Week,” which premieres Tuesday at 1 p.m. Eastern on YouTube.

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