LA Knight Admits He Was Hated During His First WWE NXT Run


LA Knight recently spoke to Busted Open Radio about a number of topics. 

During it, he noted that he was hated for the first three months in WWE NXT during his first run. He’s in the middle of his second stint. 

“So now you see me carrying myself in a certain way; then you see what I do in the ring on a microphone, which is uber confident” Knight added. “And all of a sudden I’m not talking to anybody in the back and then people are like what ‘who the hell’s this guy think he is?’”

“When I got to NXT the first time here, I was hated for like the first three months” LA Knight concluded. “And it’s usually like a three month period before everybody kind of figures out like, ‘oh wait, this guy’s actually okay.’

Credit to Fighter Fans for the transcription

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