Lana Reacts To Being On Tonight’s WrestleMania 37 (Night One) Event


WWE Superstar Lana took to Twitter on Friday, commenting on competing in the tag-team turmoil match at tonight’s WrestleMania 37 (Night One) event. You can check out the video below. She said,

“I have been feeling so much emotion this week since they announced our tag team turmoil match at WrestleMania. I have been so thrilled, so excited, so nervous, so grateful, and also really guilty. I think that old imposter syndrome really kicked my ass last night. I just can’t help but ask myself this question: ‘Why do I deserve this spot when so many other people couldn’t make it?’ And after hours of torturing myself, and months before that and years before that, it finally hit me. My road to WrestleMania didn’t start 12 months ago. No, it started when I was a little girl, training 40 hours a week to whip my ass in shape by the strictest, most ruthless teachers in a ballet school in Russia. My road to this match started when I crossed the world to start a new life in this country only to find out I was too foreign to be cool and too nerdy to be popular. My road to WrestleMania started when I came to WWE and fought with everything in me only to find out that I wasn’t as gifted as everyone else. But I rose up, and I stayed in this game when the most vicious and toughest and biggest people on the planet fell away. My road to WrestleMania consists of littered bad mistakes, regrets, broken tables, and broken bones. I have lived my life in front of the camera. I have loved everything, and I have lost everything with all of you watching it. But I’m here now, and at WrestleMania, anything can happen. So I think, ‘Would it happen for me? Could I become champion?’ I know I’m not great, but I believe that I’m good enough. And I’m so sick and tired of wondering am I worthy? I’m going to WrestleMania to find out.”

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