Lana Says She Wants To Become A WWE Champion, Is Training Very Hard


Lana took to Twitter yesterday, posting a video of herself commenting on how hard she’s been working and training to become a WWE Champion. She said,

“Hello. You guys are probably wondering why I look so tired right now. That’s because I’ve been travelling about 16 hours to get to Nattie’s training. No worries, didn’t sleep, took a red-eye, then had to drie another two hours to get here. But…I want to be good. I want to be a champion. […] You know, I wanna be good and I feel like I might be a little less talented than a lot of other people, but I’ve just got to keep on training, gotta keep on moving, gotta keep on learning, keep on getting better than I was yesterday. Tomorrow is Monday Night RAW.”

She also tweeted the following,

I see a lot of women complaining about their lack of opportunities but I don’t see them taking no days off, in wrestling training, in acting class, writing, going after it with a smile on their face after being told NO over and over again. Have actions speaker louder than words.”

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