Lance Archer Comments On His First NJPW US Championship Run, The Forbidden Door


AEW Superstar Lance Archer was recently interviewed by New Japan Pro Wrestling and spoke about winning the NJPW United States Championship for the first time, his thoughts on the “Forbidden Door” being opened up between AEW, NWA, NJPW, Impact and AAA, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his first US Title win over Juice Robinson: “The way New Japan runs their title matches is that if a title match is promised then it happens regardless of the situation. I arrived at the building three hours before bell time, but I was put in that match, won it, and it was my first major singles title in my whole career. And like I said, I’d been in TNA in the early years, WWE for a time as well, but this was my first singles title, and the only other time I’d even had an opportunity was against Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental title. But I came out on top against Juice Robinson, who was a tremendous champion in his own right.”

On the ‘Forbidden Door’ opening and his second US Title reign: “With Tanahashi saying that ‘forbidden door’ phrase, it was all headed into that match with Chris Jericho, and even before AEW really existed, Jericho has always been about trying to make things happen, crossing over promotions. But Jon Moxley, joining NJPW and AEW at the same time after leaving WWE, he was the first to really cross over. It was absolutely special for me (to win the IWGP US Title on AEW Dynamite), one of the more special moments of my career. I was able to twice represent NJPW as its US champion, even if the second time wasn’t in a New Japan ring. It really feels for me now that, along with Jon Moxley and some other guys, I’m part of that bridge between NJPW and AEW, and that’s huge because I think that bridge is important to both companies, and to the whole business.”

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