Lance Archer Comments On Learning From Jake Roberts, His Current Character


During a recent interview with Wrestling Daily, AEW Superstar Lance Archer commented on learning from Jake Roberts, his current character in AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his decision to sign with AEW and the company’s return to touring: “When I first signed on with AEW, that was part of the lure to come back to the US because I’d been in Japan for nearly nine years at that point. It was the idea that I was gonna get to travel the US and see places, and at the time, we had a lot of stuff scheduled to travel around the world, different places and whatnot. Obviously, things happened, and it is what it is. But luckily, we continued to move forward as a show and do things for fans. But yeah, come July, hitting the road and starting in Miami and then two shows in Texas back-to-back. So, I get to be near home for two weeks, and a lot of my friends and family will get to come to these shows.”

On learning from Jake Roberts and how Jake has helped him with his character: “I’m coming up on 21 years in wrestling, so there’s always still something you can learn. Being with somebody like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, it’s been invaluable, to say the least. I believe that I’ve really come to know who the Murderhawk Monster is. I know how to step in that ring. I know how to kick ass. I know how to do what I’m doing. Not to say that I can’t learn something, and I always do, from the youngest talent on the card to the most veteran vet that we have, but where Jake has truly been the most beneficial to me is being able to speak. Being able to give The Murderhawk Monster a voice. In Japan, it was just a chaotic character that went out, scared kids, hit the Young Lions, threw water at people, and was just an insane monster that beat the crap out of people. Then when we did interviews backstage, it was very raw and emotional and chaotic.

“In Japan, some people understand me to a small degree. But for the most part, they’re just reading and feeling the energy. Come back to the US, now they can hear what the heck I’m saying and so now I got to figure out how to give The Murderhawk Monster a voice. Jake, who’s one of the best promos in the business ever, he’s really helped me find that voice, that cadence, that persona. I’m not trying to be Jake “The Snake” Roberts. I’m definitely trying to be The Murderhawk Monster, but you can’t help but feel that vibe, that Jake “The Snake” vibe. That smooth, cunning, ‘I’m going to cut you and you’re not going to know it,’ but then I throw in some Murderhawk, ‘I’m gonna rip your head off and spit down your throat’ type scenario.’”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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