Matt Hardy Defends Tony Khan Over Recent YouTube Copyright Issues


Matt Hardy took to Twitter over the weekend, defending Tony Khan and AEW’s recent copyright claims after a fan was monetizing AEW’s content on their own personal YouTube channel. For those unaware, some wrestling fans have been using AEW’s highlight videos and exclusive content without permission to make money for themselves and Khan recently called them out on it. When a fan criticized Tony after her AEW videos were removed for copyright infringement, thus no longer allowing her to make money off the content she wasn’t producing (she was stealing it for financial gain), he replied with the following,

“Is it possible to review the aforementioned clips like these you’ve listed (Jericho/MJF press conference + Jade/Shaq vs. Cody/Red Velvet) without illegally pirating videos that I budget millions per month to produce?”

Hardy then posted a meme to Twitter, defending Khan by saying, “Internet nobody in the mud.” After a fan called his comment “gross”, Hardy said,

“Nah. What’s gross is when people make fun of injuries that myself & @AEW performers incur while busting our asses to entertain. What’s gross is the disdain & jealousy towards Tony Khan for betting on himself, succeeding & making the wrestling industry a better place. #DFE”

When another fan called him an “absolute privileged POS”, Hardy said the following,

“Cupcake, do you know what PriViLegEd means? I grew up in poverty & knew no one in wrestling. I’ve EARNED everything I have. I’ve sacrificed my health for this biz & what I’ve EARNED.

Make malicious fun of my sacrifices & job that feeds my family? GFY!

P.S. I’m a heel, dumbass.”

And lastly, when a fan praised Hardy’s comments, Matt tweeted the following response,

“Just stating the facts, stating the truth. Now that social media is such a huge platform, it’s sad how many feel compelled to tear down positive people & projects. It isn’t healthy behavior & it’s sad how common & widespread it’s become.”

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