Matt Hardy Says He’s Keeping His ‘Fingers Crossed’ For Jeff Hardy To Come To AEW


Photographer Adam Glyn recently caught up with AEW Superstar Matt Hardy at an airport and they discussed AEW’s current momentum, Tony Khan understanding the wrestling business in 2021, and more. Hardy said,

“Yeah, I love AEW. Tony Khan’s great. And I think he’s really on the pulse of pro wrestling in 2021, and he knows how to utilize everyone, top to bottom.

They’re [AEW] keeping older guys, or veterans so to say, and utilizing them right and also building young talent. And wins and losses matter, and they’re very much taking a sports-centered approach, which even I had to kind of like get used to. But I love what they’re doing.”

When he was asked about the possibility of Jeff Hardy coming to AEW, Matt simply said, “Fingers crossed.”

You can check out a video from the interview below:

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