Mickie James Praises Tootie Lynn’s Performance At NWA EmPowerrr


During a recent appearance on the “Battleground” podcast, Mickie James commented on Tootie Lynn’s performance at NWA EmPowerrr, and more. She said,

“I did say I was going to try and make some stars that night. Obviously, everyone delivered and the Cup was amazing and I thought everyone shined, but little Tootie Lynn, what a star that one is. I got little chill bumps. I said that from the start. I said I wanted St. Louis to be represented and I wanted to find talent that hasn’t been seen yet. That wasn’t even me looking for her. People kept messaging me and saying, ‘please take a look at her.’ When I saw her, I saw her in the mask. I saw this mask and called her via Zoom, saw her beautiful face and was like, ‘What…Tootie, your name is Tootie Lynn. It’s a chantable name.’ Then I see her face and was like, ‘This is a babyface if I’ve ever seen a babyface. I get masked characters, but you face is so expressive and so lovable. The people are going to fall in love with you. I get characters and all this stuff, but please just trust me on this. I need Tootie Lynn in St. Louis.’ It was a moment and the people erupted over her.”

Tootie Lynn vs. Kylie Rae will be taking place on tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

(h/t – Fightful)

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