Mickie James Reveals The Rules For The NWA Women’s Invitational Cup


NWA Empowerrr executive producer Mickie James took to Twitter today, providing the rules for the NWA Women’s Invitational Cup. The winner will receive a shot at the NWA Women’s Championship at NWA 73 the following night. James said,

Rules of the 1st EVER @nwa #WomensInvitational are simple. 10 women have been selected by myself & my team of advisors. The #Top10 Women we think would & could make incredible #WomensChampions to compete in the #MainEvent of #EMPOWERRR to become not only the #1st cup holder.

But will then go on to Face the @nwa #WomensChampion the very next night for a chance at #TheBurke on #NWA73 The #NWAWomens Championship IS also on the line at #EMPowerrr #Kamille vs @AEW own @LegitLeyla The champion could #Legit change hands 2 nights in a row @ChaseParkPlaza.

2 women will start Order to be determined by myself & my #badass team! @Madusa_rocks @gailkimITSME @Phenom_Jazz #QueensOfTheRoundTable Every 2 minutes a #New woman enters Eliminations #ONLY by Pinfall or Submission. There will ONLY be 1 winner annually. #EMPOWERRR @nwa

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