Mickie James Says She Doesn’t Think ‘Trashbag Gate’ Was Malicious, More


During a recent appearance on Renee Paquett‪e‬’s “Oral Sessions” podcast, Mickie James commented on her release from WWE, the infamous trash bag incident, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Paquett‪e‬: “You were trending on twitter! What happened?”

James: “I was trending on Twitter. Oh, man, so many things have happened. You know, Reneé, it’s been a whirlwind; Like in a weird space you know because at first I was just like, ‘Oh, okay well I guess that’s fine, whatever next chapter’ and you just kind of do it, but then like, I mean I didn’t want to trend over a trash bag for God sakes. You know, I kind of in that moment was like, ‘Oh shit they still do this? That’s kind of funny’ like on par with that moment you know how you feel when you first leave here is like, ‘Oh, that kind of sucks’ but you do have more freedom and space to be able to explore those opportunities, but at the same time was just kind of like, ‘I just wished for so many things’ And then I get my stuff in the trash bag and I’m just like, ‘Oh, it’s on par, whatever’ because I don’t even feel like it was something that was malicious or anything like that, it’s just like kind of thoughtless and tone deaf.”

Paquett‪e‬: “One hundred percent. I can kind of picture the person, packing it up and not really thinking twice about it because that’s how it’s just obviously been done for so long with no thought put behind it; not thinking of what that supplemental message might be that the person on the other end is feeling.”

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