Miro Comments On Gimmicks In Wrestling, Says ‘You Have To Be You’


During a recent appearance on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, AEW Superstar Miro commented on gimmicks in wrestling and wrestlers being allowed to be more authentic. He said,

“People say ‘characters and gimmicks.’ Yeah, wrestling is full of dumb characters and people that want to be something they are not. That’s not how this works, you have to be you and draw real emotion and kick ass. You have to find that within you, it’s not from some television character, you have to find it deep inside. If ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ they say, ‘You’d rather look good and lose,’ that’s what people do. They’d rather do 650s or 450s and lose instead of just punching someone in the mouth and kicking them in the face like I do. People see the aggressive side and there is no one as aggressive as I am.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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