Moose Credits Don Callis For Helping Him Define His Character


Impact Wrestling’s Moose has credited Don Callis for how his character has progressed and grown in the last few months.

Speaking on the WrestleSlam Podcast, Moose had this to say on the matter:

“Yeah, I hate to put this guy over because I mean, he’s one of my friends but he’s annoying as f*ck, Don Callis, and one thing I learned from Don Callis is we actually spoke about [it]. He helped me with this character that you would call it and he told me to watch this movie No Country for Old Men. I don’t know if you’ve seen it and the way that the guy spoke, it was kind of like, he never really showed any emotion, he never really showed any anger or pain or… empathy. He never showed anything. He just talked in kind of a monotone set and I watched the movie and I loved it and I was like, ‘man I see exactly what Don means.’ I forgot the guy’s name that we’re talking about but, yeah. So that character you see with Moose on TV, especially in his promos is a version of that character from No Country for Old Men.”

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You can check out the WrestleSlam Podcast’s full interview with Moose below:

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