More On WWE Shutting Down Its UK & Japan Companies


As we reported last month here on eWn, WWE shut down its Japan company, WWE Japan Holdings. The company had an office to promote WWE’s live events in Japan and were also going to be in charge of the NXT brand in the country. There were even some rumors last year that WWE was going to purchase an exiting promotion in the country for NXT. Of course, that never wound up happening. On Tuesday, WWE also shut down their WWE Holdings UK company.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the belief is that with WWE NXT taking a different direction, the company running the NXT branches in different parts of the world isn’t a high priority these days. The UK NXT brand will go on as usual. One source said,

“Both Japan and UK (holdings company shutting down) don’t have any bearing on company initiatives or anything like that. Just procedural filings, etc. as I understand it.”

WWE Holdings UK filed a motion on August 25 to dissolve the company on September 7. The legal work noted that the company had been operating at a loss. The original idea with NXT UK (which is still running at this time) was to eventually get a TV deal, but that never happened. It is currently on BT Sport, drawing very low viewership. The show is also not watched very much on the WWE Network.

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