More Wrestlers React To Nia Jax’s “Ow, My Hole!” Spot On RAW


As many are well aware of by now, Nia Jax was trending worldwide after screaming, “Ow, my hole!” after missing a leg drop on the apron during her match with Lana on Monday Night RAW. Here are some reactions from past and present wrestlers:

As noted earlier here on eWn, bidget company “TUSHY” has extended an offer to Nia Jax to become the spokesperson for their products. You can check out there statement below.

“Dear Nia Jax,

I saw what transpired last night during Raw. My condolences to your…hole. That looked like it hurt. To help ease some of your pain, I’d like to send you a free TUSHY Spa 3.0 bidet to install. I imagine things are a bit tender up there right now, with lots of sensitive nerve endings. Wiping with dry tissue may irritate and damage the area further. With a TUSHY Spa 3.0 you can spray your bum with water. It’ll help it feel cleaner, fresher, and healthier in no time.

We can also send you a TUSHY Travel, a portable bidet, perfect for people who poop when they’re out and about to have on hand in case you need it and for as long as your pain persists.

Lastly, we’d love for you to be a TUSHY brand ambassador and speak to the many features our bidet offers athletes.

Let me know if you’re interested in a free TUSHY and TUSHY Travel and I’ll send one to you ASAP. Feel free to check out our assortment of products at


Miki Agrawal

Founder, TUSHY”

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