Mustafa Ali Comments On His United States Title Match On RAW, What It Means To Him


During a recent interview with TV Insider, Mustafa Ali commented on his WWE United States Championship match on tomorrow night’s RAW broadcast, what a title reign would mean to him, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what a US Title reign would mean to him: “It means more to me than it would to a lot of people. My name is Mustafa Ali. Yes, I’m an American. But I feel people don’t look at me as an American. When I go to the grocery store with my wife she wears a hijab scarf over her head, and I notice the glares she gets. Pre-pandemic when we went out to dinner she would get the same looks. I’m always conscious that it doesn’t feel like home. Why do I feel like a visitor? I was born and raised here. I do love this country and what it can be. Growing up [in Chicago], I didn’t have someone that looked like me that represented as being American. I think it would be wild for a kid named Mohammed or Saʽid or a girl named Sara watching Raw seeing a guy named Mustafa Ali holding the United States championship.”

On his favorite Steve Austin moment ahead of “3:16 Day”: “When he would stop in for an appearance on Raw, he was so cool to the younger crew. I’ll always remember the supermarket fight with Booker T. [from SmackDown]. It was a 20-minute food fight. I remember when he fought off the WCW-ECW alliance going into Survivor Series in 2001. Even in the Royal Rumble in 1996, where there is that iconic moment where he is looking at his invisible watch waiting for the next opponent, then Bret Hart’s music hits. He sold the look [of surprise] perfectly. He’s a real icon. I would have loved to have done something with him. I don’t drink, but everyone on 3:16 Day, have one for me.”

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