NBC Universal Seeing Primetime TV Rates For Peacock Ads


WWE has now relaunched the WWE Network on Peacock and has begun the transitioning process. NBC will be seeking out primetime television ad rates for all Peacock related content. NBCUniversal President Laura Molen says, “We are committed to building this space for marketers and keeping consumer engagement around their ads. Our pricing is going to reflect this.”

The move will lead to frenzied negotiations. Ad spending will allow streaming services which allow advertisements to jump significantly as most television outlets are moving slow. More and more customers are leaving behind traditional cable television than ever before. NBC is putting new episodes and content, such as “Young Rock” and “This Is Us” on Peacock within’ 24 hours of airing on live television for all premium Peacock subscribers. Peacock charges $4.99 a month for all premium content with ads (or $9.99 without advertisements).

Ad spending is becoming more crowded between all streaming services such as Peacock, Tubi, Hulu and so on. The demand is very strong, but pricing concessions will need to be made.

Molen added: “We are just looking at all the signs, the economy, and we believe this will be a strong marketplace …. We are projecting to have similar reach to broadcast primetime on key demographics, including audiences between 18 and 49 by the time the fall comes.”

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